Saturday, June 18, 2011

OPI Hot & Spicy gradient

I've always wanted to try gradient nails. But I'd look into my stash and somehow not find coordinating colors. But at the end of last month, I wrapped up my epic failure on my low buy with buying Wet n Wild in Sunny Side Up. It is a tangerine orange that came along with one of the wonkiest brushes ever. Now don't get me wrong, I love bold colors, but plain orange just doesn't appeal to me. I think its because it reminds me of a pumpkin.

Anyways, so this is when I thought of trying a gradient mani. I picked the color that was next to Sunny Side Up which was OPI Hot & Spicy. It is a bright coral orange. Very preety on its own too! I painted my WnW in three coats, and used a small sponge to sponge on OPI. To top this off, I lightly brushed WnW in Kaleidoscope on the tips. It is a holo glitter. I loved the results!!

This is the wonky brush. Usually I don't mind WnW and their cheap brushes...I mean, you pay for what you get. But this was borderline dinky because I have seen equally cheap polishes with good brushes.


  1. I love this ! Perfect gradient !

  2. Very cute! I love gradient nails, those colors blend so nicely too. :)

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  4. What beautiful gradient! I love the colours you used!

  5. i JUST bought that wet and wild color! now i have inspiration for what to do with it!hahah


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