Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OPI Planks A lot

I finally got the Pirates of the Carribean collection by OPI! I was very excited when I found them. So I grabbed Planks A Lot, Steady As She Rose, Skulls and Glossbones, and Mermaid Tears. I already swatched Mermaid Tears but had forgotten to take pictures.

Today I have for you Planks A Lot. It is a dusty lavender. I have been looking for a pretty lavender purple and this fits the bill. This was perfect in two coats.

I gave this mani a bit more glitz because I like my nails so be glitzy lol. I added a top coat of Nfu Oh 49 and Security Vite on top.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

WnW Teal or no Deal tips

Good morning! I got tired of Rally Pretty Pink and decided to change my mani into something cleaner. I started with one coat of Essie spaghetti strap. Then painted v shaped tips with Wet n Wild in Teal or no deal. I love this color. I have heard its a slight dupe to OPI catch me in your net and Zoya charla. But for $1.99, I figure it couldn't hurt to buy this one first. I made my tips by painting two diagonals - one on each side. Its kind of hard to explain but its easier this way.
After, I thought it still looked a little boring so using a striping brush that I got on eBay, I outlined my WnW with a white polish. Viola!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OPI Rally Pretty Pink

I was very excited to find this polish. Rally Pretty has been on my wishlist for awhile. Or more Zoya Faye or rally pretty since they are supposedly dupes. I would've settle for either.
Rally Pretty is a foil like pink champagne. Its shiny and sparkly and all around great. But for some reason I feel like taking it off. I think its because when it gets on your cuticle when applying, you can't quite take the glitter off. So on some nails, there's a few glitter particles shimmering which bothers me.

Anyways, this is two coats with a coat of Seche Vite.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Essie Da Bush

I want to declare my love for Essie Da Bush. Although the name makes no sense and in fact makes me laugh, the color is gorgeous. It is a mossy sage with a hint of khaki. Absolutely lovely and perfect for spring. I did two coats and did an accent nail using Klassicolor in starry meteor.

I also made my first franken this morning!! Its called Sea Foam and is a foamy greenish blue. Similar to Essie mint candy apple. This is made from OPI gargantuan green grape and Absolute in Light Blue I can't tell you exact fomula because I kept adding alittle of each.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Klassicolor Holo Chrome

This has been such a dreary week that I wanted to end the week with a little fun to my nails. I was thinking glitter but then realize I dont have much glitter polishes and don't want to go through taking them off after a day or two. Soo I ended up picking up another polish from my untried pile.

I have for you today Klassicolor Holo Chrome. First off, I don't understand why this is called chrome. It is purple. The holo is scattered; almost like glitter. So I suppose I got what I wanted out of my mani (one part holo, one part glitter..I just hope taking it off won't be a hassle since I don't want to do the foil method [too lazy to - I'd rather sit there and scrub away. I know, weird.]) Second, this is one of the three Klassicolors that I bought earlier. I still don't understand why Klassicolors and Kleancolors are exactly the same except by name and smell. These don't stink which is great.

Ok, enough rambling. Here are the swatches. I couldn't capture the holo effect but trust me, it's there. Very pretty, especially in low light/ indoors.

PSA: You may have already heard, or seen, but CVS is having another beauty clearance. Most items are suppose to be 75% off, although I went to two and there weren't that many polishes on clearance. Maybe yours will have more?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Essie Haute as Hello

Hello! After having such a bright 'notice me' nails, I was ready for a change. I picked Essie Haute as Hello as my base. This is an orangey peach. It comes off as a tiny bit bright but not loud. I wish it were a bit lighter but its still very pretty. I used two coats but there were still some slivers of bald spots where I used a thin third coat to cover. So I should say this is 2.5 coats : )

I then used a white polish and used the middle image on my Konad m56. You can use any white polish I'm sure. Mine was NK really white which was super cheap at $1 so I'm sure any white polish should show up.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sinful Colors Savage ... is MATTE!!

I have had naked nails for the past day so I was itching to get some polish on this morning! I had my polishes laid out so I was very ready. I chose Sinful Colors in Savage. This is a turquoise color. Soo pretty! And the surprising but nice factor is that it dries matte!! Of course if you don't like matte nails, you can always put a top coat on and it will be nice and glossy. Application was great since its a matte - it dried very quickly. (As it was drying, I saw how it would've looked shiny and I thought it looked nice - probably even prettier than it being matte..but I wanted to add some images on top so I left it matte. Although if you like simple plain nails - adding a top coat will look beautiful. )

Then I wanted some oomph to this so I used the feather image on BM 210. I couldn't quite capture the image on the nails because I used Sinful Colors in Gorgeous as the image polish. Gorgeous is a dreamy metallicy looking turquoise. Its hard to explain but it is just as the name - gorgeous. 

[Excuse the dryness in the cuticles... I was in a rush and didnt have time to moisturize after using acetone to clean up]

My bundle monsters are great!! I love using them to spice up a mani :)
Have you been using yours?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

mocha frappe and polka dot

Blogspot has been acting up..but I finally got this post to show. Today I have for you Fresh Paints in Mocha frappe. Application again was a dream..I love these polishes. This is a mauvy gray. Very light and neutral but yet noticeable. I stamped with a konad plate m79 and Love & Beauty in burgandy. As usual I kind of screwed up the image lol. I need more practice so cut me some slack
: )

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funky Fingers Chesire

Goood Morning!!

Today I am wearing Funky Fingers in Chesire. Application was smooth, although the first coat was a little sheer. Not too bad though. This is two coats. I love this color! I wasn't always a fan of cream purple nails but this is very nice. Its not a grape and its not lavender. Its a baby of both colors. I wanted to add a bit of drama to these so I added sparkles on the tips and used a swab of paper towel to sponge it down a little towards the base of my nails. I used Sinful Colors in Frenzy.  My bf got me this and its very pretty in the bottle..although its a glitter so it isn't very opaque or smooth on the nail. I used a thick coat of Sally Hansen Instant Dry top coat to make everything flat and smooth.

I couldn't quite capture the true color of Chesire but the these two pictures were the best out of the many that I took. The second one is next to a window and the first is in shade. Both were taken indoors. 

I like the application of Funky Fingers! And I heard these were by the same makers of Color Club...which I also happen to love :)

How many funky fingers do you own? How do you like them? 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

China Glaze : he's going in circles

Take two : my color club was bothering me so I decided to try another Holo untried. I picked China Glaze in He's Going In Circles this time and I love it!!! I'm surprised I didn't try this sooner. Now I'm obsessed with owning the rest! I actually think this is prettier and holoier than nfu oh.

Here is my new beloved Holo:

color club : worth the risque

Since its such a nice day out,I wanted to do a holographic Polish. I picked Color Club in worth the risque. Application was smooth and I used two coats. However this is not quite a risque to me. It is not very Holo which is a disappointment so I may end up switching my Polish by the end of the day lol. We shall see.

Friday, May 6, 2011

NOTW: Happy Mothers Day!

My nails of the weekend are for Mothers Day!!

I love how this looks! :)
I used Brucci in Mia's Brazenberry and put NK Twinkle Star on top. Twinkle Star is a sheer mini glimmer.
I forgot to take a picture of Brucci by itself. So I am posting two pictures so you can see each nail bottle because the color is pretty accurate

Then I used my BM 209 and stamped this heart with squiggles design with Love & Beauty in Burgandy. I messed it up with placement (especially my middle finger ! ) but I don't want to redo them all. lol

Happy Mother's Day!!
: ]

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today I am sporting leopard print nails and I love them! I did these last night and when I woke up it scared me a bit with the wild design but they are growing on me : )

I started with Fresh Paint in envied and printed with BM 221 and Nk in noir.

Now weirdest thing - I was out running errands and I came upon a new shop that sold polish. At first glance I thought they were Kleancolor. So of course, since they are sold online, I stopped and bought three. Right after I left, I realized as I looked at them again that they were called Klassicolor! OMGolly! I have been jipped! They were the same colors, bottle shapes and names as Kleancolor so I'm not sure if they are associated with each other. I googled and it turns out there is such thing as Klassicolor. 

I tested them out and the colors seem like swatches I've seen of Kleancolor.
These are the bottles:

L to R : Starry Meteor, Holo Chrome, Holo Blue

P.S.: The holos are amazing!! They are sheer but Im sure they will look amazing layered as well as on their own. Although Holo Chrome seems pretty opaque Also they dont have the dreaded scent that everyone claims Kleancolor has. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

China Glaze Empowerment with Innocent flowers

This didnt come out as I planned. I had imagined the green to be a bit more noticeable - or at least the flowers to be bigger . But I still like the colors together. Maybe a different image plate will work better next time. I started with China Glaze Empowerment and used Konad m69 with Sinful Colors Innocent. (I was so excited my drugstore stocked up on Innocent!)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nfu Oh flakie mattified!

I thought I should spice up my manicure so I mattified them with China Claze Matte Magic. 

Which do you like better: matte flakies or shiny?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Nfu Oh 50 Flakie fun!

I decided to try some flakie fun today. I started with Love & Beauty Burgandy and followed with Nfu-Oh 50. (I just figured out it was pronounced Enfu oh. Lol the entire time I was saying in my mind nofu oh for some reason.) Its a light purple jelly with blue-green flakes. Very pretty and fun to stare at.