Friday, June 17, 2011

Top 10 Award!! Whoo hoo!!

YAY! I've been given my first award! Huge thanks to Cristina from Opinionated Little Finger for choosing me!

I am very excited about this :)

The Top 10 award rules:
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
2. Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
3. List your top 10 cosmetics.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.

My top 10 cosmetics:

1. Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara - absolute must have in my makeup train case. It is amazing in giving volume and length.
2. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick in Bare It All - Best nude matte lipstick for cheap .. $1.99!!
3. EcoTools Bronzer Brush - So soft and perfect for mineral makeup, blush, bronzer, powder, or buffing. This brush does it all.
4. Revlon eyelash curler - does it's job well and is fairly cheap
5. Milani Infinte Liquid Eye Liner - after tons of research and test tries, I have discovered this is the holy grail of waterproof eyeliner. It will not budge!
6. Estee Lauder Automatic Eye Pencil Duo in Black - I have used this eyeliner since I was in junior high. It is my go to liner. And it is refillable which is great.
7. Tweezerman pointy tweezer - No other tweezer works for me now.
8. Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Primer - I use this before putting on my foundation and it does wonders. Well, maybe not wonders but I love it.
9. Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Suntan Matte - I wish this wasn't discontinued. It is a sheer all over bronzer that just warms up my face.
10. Biore Pore Strips - I am obsessed with using these. I love ripping it off and looking at all the grossness it pulled out and feeling much cleaner. Haha, was that a little tmi?

And now here are the blogs I will pass this award on to:

Natalie @ http://nattyngeorge.blogspot.com/

Polished Perfectionist @ http://the-polished-perfectionist.blogspot.com/

Ash-Lilly @ http://ash-lillyslacquerlust.blogspot.com/

Ice Queen @ http://icynails.blogspot.com/

Glitta Gloves @ http://glittagloves.blogspot.com/

A Polished Touch @ http://apolishedtouch.blogspot.com/

Nicely Varnished @ http://www.nicelyvarnished.com/

Melissa & Amanda @ http://madmanis.blogspot.com/

Brooke @ http://www.caracita.com/

Nailasaurus @ http://nailasaurus.blogspot.com/

I love all their blogs - each one is special and worth checking out if you haven't already!


  1. How sweet of you to include me, thank you so much! :)

  2. :D :D :D Huge LOL for your 10th item!!! EUh.. Me too!!! Ha ha ha!!!
    How many times do you use these in one week?

  3. Lol not too often, I like to gather up my grossness Haha. OK that probably just sounds disgusting

  4. Oh, thank you for this award ! xx

  5. Ooh, lucky you :-) I just gave you an award on my blog too!


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