Monday, June 13, 2011

Funky Fingers Snakeskin

Today I have for you Funky Fingers "Snakeskin". It is a pretty oil slick olive with a shimmer foil look to it. It applied like a dream and would probably be okay with one coat, however I used two. It seemed a bit boring and I felt an urge to do something to it. I had wanted to do another acrylic nail art on it but I wasn't in the mood. Then I thought maybe a Konad image on it would be nice but I didn't want a cream polish to overpower this shimmer like foil. So I decided on tips in a dark green. I chose Sinful Colors in "Last Chance". I still can't manage doing French tips using tape so as usual, I freehanded this.

Have you tried "snakeskin"? Did you put any designs on it?


  1. You should try layering it over a chunky glitter like Milani Gold glitter nail polish. If you cover the majority of your nail with it and put a coat of polish, it will leave off a snakeskin texture!

  2. OMG that sounds cool! I've got to try that

  3. It looks a lot like Color Club Snakeskin. But they have a lot of dupes between them, since they come from the same source. I like the added tips!

  4. hi! You've got a little award on my blog if you're interested ;)
    I really like your blog!

  5. Can you believe I don't own any full size Funky Fingers? (I have some glitter minis but that's it.) Snakeskin looks very interesting.

  6. @ Ulmiel: I think I had thought about buying CC snakeskin but decided against it. I love these colors but never know how to add designs to them

    @ Cristina: Thanks you so much!! Its such an honor to have my first award!!

    @ KarenD: Dont worry, I don't have many funky Fingers since I only bought three on one trip. But if you are ever where they sell them, pick some up! They have awesome consistency.

  7. Wow, your freehanding skills are amazing!


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