Sunday, June 5, 2011

Revlon First Class

The other day while browsing at Target, I found Revlon Speed Dry in 'First Class'. This is a dusty blue. Its a mixture of royal blue without coming out as dark as 'Revlon Royal' and its a dusty sailor blue without being bright or light. It is the perfect blue in my opinion and I have been looking for a color like this for the longest.
When I got home,I was searching for swatches but couldn't find any which makes me wonder if this is a brand new shade. So if anyone has seen this, let me know!

I took a few pictures because I couldn't capture the greatness of this polish. However the second pic seems the closest. These are two coats but can be done in one if your carefull. I also gave my Mani accent nails with Sinful Colors in Hottie.

Indoors in low light:

Indoors under light: (this is the closest to color IRL)

Outdoors in shade:

Outdoors in slight sun:


  1. I'm usually not a big fan of most Revlon nail polishes but I actually really like this one!

  2. I like this better than Royal because the colour is more blue. Royal is perfect in the bottle but slightly too dark on the nail. Thank you for the swatch - I need to keep my eyes open for this one!

  3. @itsfASHiontime: this is definitely a keeper if your looking to get just one blue

    @ a polished touch: I agree. I wanted a blue that would show up ad it is in the bottle and Royal doesn't do that for me. But First Class is perfect

  4. This is a more true blue color . I like it ! & I like the accent finger too .

  5. just found this today! Seems just like you say- a dusty perfect blue! LOL I'll get some swatches up as soon as I can. I may even change into this in the am! ;) thanks for posting these pix!


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