Friday, May 20, 2011

Klassicolor Holo Chrome

This has been such a dreary week that I wanted to end the week with a little fun to my nails. I was thinking glitter but then realize I dont have much glitter polishes and don't want to go through taking them off after a day or two. Soo I ended up picking up another polish from my untried pile.

I have for you today Klassicolor Holo Chrome. First off, I don't understand why this is called chrome. It is purple. The holo is scattered; almost like glitter. So I suppose I got what I wanted out of my mani (one part holo, one part glitter..I just hope taking it off won't be a hassle since I don't want to do the foil method [too lazy to - I'd rather sit there and scrub away. I know, weird.]) Second, this is one of the three Klassicolors that I bought earlier. I still don't understand why Klassicolors and Kleancolors are exactly the same except by name and smell. These don't stink which is great.

Ok, enough rambling. Here are the swatches. I couldn't capture the holo effect but trust me, it's there. Very pretty, especially in low light/ indoors.

PSA: You may have already heard, or seen, but CVS is having another beauty clearance. Most items are suppose to be 75% off, although I went to two and there weren't that many polishes on clearance. Maybe yours will have more?

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