Sunday, May 8, 2011

China Glaze : he's going in circles

Take two : my color club was bothering me so I decided to try another Holo untried. I picked China Glaze in He's Going In Circles this time and I love it!!! I'm surprised I didn't try this sooner. Now I'm obsessed with owning the rest! I actually think this is prettier and holoier than nfu oh.

Here is my new beloved Holo:


  1. It's so beautiful ! I love it !

  2. Thanks caneriva and toyomi! Its a truly mesmerizing polish

  3. Ahhh that's awesome that you have this one!

  4. Wow! This is a really good pic to show the holo goodness of the polish. Other swatches I've seen of CG Kaleidescope collection didn't do them justice!

  5. thank you all!!

    @heartNAT - that made me very happy! :)


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