Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funky Fingers Chesire

Goood Morning!!

Today I am wearing Funky Fingers in Chesire. Application was smooth, although the first coat was a little sheer. Not too bad though. This is two coats. I love this color! I wasn't always a fan of cream purple nails but this is very nice. Its not a grape and its not lavender. Its a baby of both colors. I wanted to add a bit of drama to these so I added sparkles on the tips and used a swab of paper towel to sponge it down a little towards the base of my nails. I used Sinful Colors in Frenzy.  My bf got me this and its very pretty in the bottle..although its a glitter so it isn't very opaque or smooth on the nail. I used a thick coat of Sally Hansen Instant Dry top coat to make everything flat and smooth.

I couldn't quite capture the true color of Chesire but the these two pictures were the best out of the many that I took. The second one is next to a window and the first is in shade. Both were taken indoors. 

I like the application of Funky Fingers! And I heard these were by the same makers of Color Club...which I also happen to love :)

How many funky fingers do you own? How do you like them? 


  1. I love the glitter on this nails ! The color by itself is nice too.

  2. Ooh it's a perfect purple! BTW, I just posted swatches of Zoya Faye especially for you on my blog ;]


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