Sunday, July 10, 2011

cupcakes galore!

As you know, I love nail art. One that I think is simply adorable are cupcake nails. So I gave myself some today :)

I started with three coats of OPI Isn't That Precious? Then did the tips in Essie Castaway. I used a striping brush and made lines on the tips with NK Really White and using the white, I.made cupcake tops. After that, I used a dotting tool to make confetti dots on my cupcake with Essie Castaway. Last but not least, I made my cherry a sparkly one using a dotting tool and Wet n Wild Sparked.

Isn't it adorable?


  1. A-DORABLE!!! this is so cute and looks good enough to eat:) Great job!

  2. omg i thought your other nails were my fav but now it's got to be this LOL soooo pretty <3

  3. The cupcake nail design is super cute! Very creative, I absolutely love it :)

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  4. This is nail polish heaven!! I'm so glad I found you,well your blog lol!! <3

  5. @ Hannah J : thanks! I love vanilla icing cakes!

    @ C: I think these are my favorite too :)

    @ Stephanie : I'm glad you found my blog too!

  6. OMG, hoowwww cuuute! Love the lil sparkly cherry ontop! Makes me wanna experiment on my nails. Where did you purchase your nail art brushes btw?

  7. @Thelipjunkie: thanks so much! I got both brushes from ebay. They come in sets- the dotting tool came with four other ones in different sizes and the brush came with two other sizes.


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