Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nailtiques formula 2 ... day four

I haven't posted in a few days because I am tending to my nails. The tips of my nails peel often especially on my right hand - I guess because I use that hand more often. I have heard of Nailtiques formula 2 and of Nailtek 2 and thought I would give it a try.  Formula 2 is for weak, peeling nails which is explains what I have.   Whats worse is that when I see peelage, I start picking and peeling it off which results in thin weak nails in that area which causes my nails to split and break. Its sad, I know. 

They are expensive for such a small bottle (1/4 oz ) and you use it everyday so it runs out quickly. I bought mine at a beauty supply store for $9 but I have heard they run close to $14. 

I started my treatment on Monday and today is day four of TLC. I kind of see a difference in the peelies but I still have peeling which pretty sucks even though I know I haven't used it for long and my nails haven't grown out yet. I guess I'm desperate for improvement lol. I also have not painted my nails with any color polish because it does say that it may not work as well and that using polish with hardeners can possibly end up damaging your nails. 

I guess I will wait it out and see how it goes, but I don't think I can last another day with naked albeit shiny nails. So I will use this as a base and follow up as a top coat the next day. :)

Have you used this? What were the results? Love / Hate?

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