Friday, July 1, 2011

Essie St Lucia Lilac floral

I have always liked the look of floral nails. But for some reason, I keep forgetting about them when I am thinking of nail art ideas. However, last night as I was looking through blogs, I came across the floral design again. Veronica from Chic and Shiny inspired me to make me try out vintage florals. Check out her blog for her really cute floral tootsies!

I realized floral nails are usually with a mint green base, but I wanted to have light purple nails which is why I chose Essie in St Lucia Lilac. It was streaky and a bit thick even though I had put thinner in it. I gave it two coats, the second coat being a little thicker.

Then I added my flowers by dabbing the brush in a circle in random spots. I used Funky Fingers in Chesire for the flowers. Then i added a tad of white to the circles and used a dotting tool to swirl the colors and make the circles look more flowery. Lastly, I completed my flowers with leaves using a dotting tool and Sinful Colors in Envy.

I think they are cute! 

Have you tried floral nails? 


  1. I love the end result mani . It's gorgeous :D

  2. I just love St Lucia Lilac!!!!!!!! And the flowers are very cute ;)

  3. ooh pretty <3
    yes i've tried them once xD and i liked the result very much :3


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